Coded Bias

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Program:New Releases
Virtual Cinema
Women Directors
Social Justice
Culture & Society
Science & Technology
Release Year:2020
Runtime:86 min
Website:Official Website
Print Source:7th Empire Media
Director:Shalini Kantayya
Producer:Shalini Kantayya
Cinematographer:Steve Acevedo
Editor:Alexandra Gilwit
Zachary Ludescher
Shalini Kantayya
Composer:Katya Mihailova


Ended 1/7

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Bonus Conversation

See the film and then watch a virtual discussion of Coded Bias moderated by CNN Commentator Van Jones, featuring Joy Buolamwini, Founder, Algorithmic Justice League, Dr. Safiya Umoja Noble, Author, Algorithms of Oppression, Clare Garvie, Researcher, The Perpetual Lineup, Shalini Kantayya, director of Coded Bias, Kade Crockford, Director, Technology for Liberty Program, ACLU, and Alvaro Bedoya, Founding Director, Center on Privacy and Technology at Georgetown Law. Courtesy Coolidge Corner Theatre.


About the Film

Coded Bias follows MIT Media Lab researcher Joy Buolamwini’s startling discovery that many facial recognition technologies fail more often on darker-skinned faces, and delves into an investigation of widespread bias in artificial intelligence.

Modern society sits at the intersection of two crucial questions: What does it mean when artificial intelligence increasingly governs our liberties? And what are the consequences for the people AI is biased against? When MIT Media Lab researcher Joy Buolamwini discovers that most facial-recognition software does not accurately identify darker-skinned faces and the faces of women, she delves into an investigation of widespread bias in algorithms. As it turns out, artificial intelligence is not neutral, and women are leading the charge to ensure our civil rights are protected.



"Thought-provoking. "Coded Bias" serves as both a wake-up call (to invasive practices the public doesn’t yet realize are being implemented) and a call to action." – Valerie Complex, Variety

"An eye-opening account of the dangers of A.I." "Computers are worse at recognising women and people of colour than white men. Documentary Coded Bias shows that the problems don’t stop there." –Vijaysree Venkatraman, New Scientist


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