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76 Days
Digital Screening Room Fri, Dec 4, 2020

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Set in the early days of the COVID-19 outbreak, this raw and intimate documentary captures the struggles and human resilience in the battle to survive the pandemic in Wuhan, China.

Louis van Beethoven
Digital Screening Room Wed, Dec 16, 2020 - Thu, Jan 21

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In Celebration of Beethoven's 250th Birthday. The year is 1826. Beethoven faces the final stanza of his career. Deaf and defiant, he recalls memories of his youth including his early tutelage under Bonn court organist Christian Gottlob Neefe. Years later after an encounter with Mozart, the young “Louis” begins studying with Joseph Haydn in Vienna, but unfulfilled love leaves a lasting mark that haunts him for the rest of his life.

Digital Screening Room Wed, Dec 2, 2020

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Mayor is a real-life political saga following Musa Hadid, the Christian mayor of Ramallah, during his second term in office. Rich with detailed observation and a surprising amount of humor, Mayor offers a portrait of dignity amidst the madness and absurdity of endless occupation while posing a question: how do you run a city when you don't have a country?

Some Kind of Heaven
Digital Screening Room Wed, Jan 20 - Thu, Feb 4

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With Some Kind of Heaven, first-time feature director Lance Oppenheim cracks the manicured facade of The Villages, America’s largest retirement community – a massive, self-contained utopia located in Central Florida. Behind the gates of this palm tree-lined fantasyland, Some Kind of Heaven invests in the dreams and desires of a small group of Villages residents – and one interloper – who are unable to find happiness within the community’s pre-packaged paradise. With strikingly composed cinematography, this candy-colored documentary offers a tender and surreal look at the never-ending quest for finding meaning and love in life’s final act.

The Reason I Jump
Digital Screening Room Fri, Jan 8 - Sat, Jan 30

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Based on the best-selling book by Naoki Higashida, The Reason I Jump is an immersive cinematic exploration of neurodiversity through the experiences of nonspeaking autistic people from around the world.