The Big Step (Il Grande Passo)


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Film Info
Original Title:Il Grande Passo
Premiere Status:Minnesota Premiere
Program:Italian Film Festival
Virtual Cinema
Release Year:2019
Runtime:96 min
English subtitles
Website:Official Website
Print Source:FANDANGO
Director:Antonio Padovan
Producer:Ipotesi Cinema
Stemal Entertainment
Cinematographer:Duccio Cimatti
Screenwriter:Antonio Padovan
Marco Pettenello
Editor:Paolo Cottignola
Principal Cast:Giuseppe Battiston
Stefano Fresi
Roberto Citran
Camilla Filippi
Vitaliano Trevisan
Teco Celio
Teresa De Santis
Ludovica Modugno
Flavio Bucci


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One summer night in 1969, Dario Cavalieri was mesmerized by the images he saw of the first landing on the Moon. Since that life-defining moment, he has dedicated his entire life to the improbable dream of going to the Moon. Meanwhile, his half-brother Mario manages a sleepy hardware store in Rome. His unremarkable life is suddenly upended when he learns that Dario is in prison. Dario's mother is long-deceased and father inconveniently indisposed, there is no one left to care for the brother he has seen but once in his life. Mario is soon pulled north toward a beautiful region: Veneto.

An homage to the wonders of American science-fiction films, Northern Italian landscapes, and the unique poetry of Italian cinema, Il Grande Passo, led by two wonderful actors, Giuseppe Battiston and Stefano Fresi, celebrates dreamers in an unforgettable way. Battiston and Fresi both received the Best Actor award at the Torino Film Festival 2020, where the film premiered.


Antonio Padovan is an Italian film director, producer, screenwriter, and video artist. He was born and grew up in 1987 in the northern town of Conegliano within the Veneto region. He now lives in New York City and is the co-founder of the Greenwich Village Film Festival. After brief stints in architecture and interior design in the U.S., he signed up for a course in film directing at the New York Film Academy. His first feature was The Last Prosecco (2017), starring Giuseppe Battiston, Best Actor at the Nastro d'Argento. The film was also awarded the Italian Golden Globe (2018) for Best First Feature and Best Screenplay. Il grande passo (2019) is his second feature.

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