Everything's Gonna Be Alright (Cosa sarà)


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Film Info
Original Title:Cosa Sarà
Premiere Status:Minnesota Premiere
Program:Italian Film Festival
Virtual Cinema
Tags:Comedy Drama
Release Year:2020
Runtime:101 min
English subtitles
Website:Official Website
Director:Francesco Bruni
Producer:Carlo Degli Esposti
Nicola Serra
Cinematographer:Carlo Rinaldi
Screenwriter:Francesco Bruni
Editor:Alessandro Heffler
Principal Cast:Kim Rossi Stuart
Lorenza Indovina
Barbara Ronchi
Giuseppe Pambieri
Raffaella Lebboroni
Fotinì Peluso
Tancredi Galli
Nicolas Nocella
Elettra Mallaby
Stefano Rossi Giordani
Ninni Bruschetta


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LIVE FILM DISCUSSION with Francesco Bruni, Director of Cosa Sarà, and Tommaso Cammarano, IFF's Artistic Director. Sunday, February 28, 1:00 PM CST.


Bruno is a middle-aged film director who finds himself at a point of reckoning. His films largely flop, his marriage recently failed, his two children adoring but unable to rely on him. When Bruno finds out he has myelodysplastic syndrome (a disease similar to leukemia), he trusts a capable and charismatic doctor to shepherd him through harrowing circumstances. After a few failures in finding a suitable bone marrow donor, Bruno starts to seriously fear for his future. When his father, Umberto, discloses a family secret, Bruno finally discovers that the future still holds hope. Bruno and his family embark on a journey to healing—both physical and emotional—which will lead to a transformation in their relationships while teaching a previously self-centered Bruno a different meaning of love.


Francesco Bruni (Rome, 1961) is one of Italy’s most acclaimed screenwriters and the recipient of some of Italy’s most important film awards. His screenwriting career started in 1991, with the film Condominio. In 1994, La bella vita, marked the beginning of a long collaboration with award winning director Paolo Virzì. In 2011, Bruni made his directorial debut with the film Easy!, which got him the David di Donatello for Best New Director as well as the Silver Ribbon in the same category. In 2017, his third feature film Tutto quello che vuoi won the Silver Ribbon for best screenplay and screened at IFF in 2018. Bruni teaches screenwriting at the “Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia/Scuola Nazionale di Cinema'' in Rome.

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