I Hate Summer (Odio L'Estate)


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Film Info
Original Title:Odio L'Estate
Premiere Status:Minnesota Premiere
Program:Italian Film Festival
Virtual Cinema
Release Year:2020
Runtime:105 min
English subtitles
Website:Official Website
Director:Massimo Venier
Producer:Paolo Guerra
Cinematographer:Vittorio Omodei Zorini
Screenwriter:Davide Lantieri
Michele Pellegrini
Massimo Venier
Aldo Giovanni e Giacomo
Editor:Enrica Gatto
Composer:Brunori Sas
Principal Cast:Aldo Baglio
Giovanni Storti
Giacomo Poretti
Lucia Mascino
Carlotta Natoli
Maria Di Biase
Roberto Citran
Massimo Ranieri
Michele Placido
Carlo De Ruggieri
Francesco Brandi
Sabrina Martina
Davide Calgaro
Edoardo Vaino
Melissa Marzo


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Some sacred rules for the ‘perfect’ vacation: never leave without your rubber dinghy, never leave your beloved family dog behind, and -most importantly- never mistakenly book the same summerhouse together with complete strangers. Things could get ugly. Hilarity might ensue! Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo are each leaving home for summer holiday. They don’t know each other, and their lives and families could not be more different. One is fussy and meticulous, with a business falling into ruin, the other a successful doctor struggling with a memorably unhinged teenager, and the third a deadbeat hypochondriac unhealthily enmeshed with his dog, “Brian”. The resulting clash is inevitable, out of this world funny, and extremely picturesque. Italy’s beloved, power house comedic trio of Aldo, Giovanni & Giacomo reunites yet again to bewitch us with a tale of friendship and feelings—in a manner only this trio can deliver, their particular brew steeped to perfection over three decades of cinematic commingling.



Massimo Venier (Varese, 1967) is a film director and screenwriter of great renown. In 1996, he and the comedic trio of Aldo Giovanni and Giacomo met for the first time.  Their works include Tre uomini e una gamba (1997) and Chiedimi se sono felice (2000) and Tu la conosci Claudia? (2004). His subsequent solo career includes Mi fido di te (2007), Generazione mille euro (2009, IFF 2011), Il giorno in più (2011) e Aspirante vedovo (2013). Odio l’estate has proved itself a worthy and popular addition to his ever-evolving body of work.

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