Dance Cuba: Dreams of Flight


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Film Info
Program:Cuban Film Festival
Virtual Cinema
Release Year:2004
Runtime:105 min
Director:Cynthia Newport
Producer:Cynthia Newport
Cinematographer:Tom Hurwitz
Don Lenzer
Roberto Chile
Editor:Deborah Dickson
Richard Hankin
Principal Cast:Carlos Acosta
Septime Webre
Alicia Alonso
Laura Urgelles
Lorna Feijóo
Trey McIntyre
Chucho Valdés


12th Annual Minnesota Cuban Film Festival

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About the Film

Dance cuba begins with the historic coming together of two of the most important dance companies in the world – one Cuban, one American – in Havana. It is the stories orbiting around this coming together that are the heart and soul of the film.

Amid the love and conflicted passions that mark the difficult journey toward identity for individuals and nations, dance cuba tells personal stories of exile and return, loss and redemption, tradition and innovation. It intertwines riveting tales that are as powerful in romance, tragedy and drama as the great ballets performed.

In dance cuba, the expressive human body - the particular turn of a dancer's wrist, the electricity of an extended leg slashing through the air - says what cannot be conveyed otherwise: The fervor of performance as counterpoint to the diffilcult and melancholy of day-to-day life.

Following true events, dance cuba is produced and directed by Cynthia Newport, who brings together an accomplished production team that includes Academy Award-winning Americans and internationally acclaimed Cubans. With remarkable access to individuals and institutions in both countries and utilizing 24p High Definition photography, the film is suffused with a poignant score composed and performed by multi-Grammy winner Chucho Valdes.