Oscar-Nominated Short Films - Animation


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Film Info
Series:Roxy & Chill: New Streaming Releases for Home Viewing
Run Time:99 min
Release Year:2021


Though the COVID-19 pandemic has temporarily closed our doors, The Roxy remains committed to presenting the best new first-run programming available. Roxy & Chill: New Streaming Releases for Home Viewing is an ongoing program of contemporary films hosted by The Roxy, but streaming to your device direct from the distributor. Click the link below to find out more!

ShortsTV presents the 2021 Oscar Nominated Animated Short Films, featuring all five nominated films, as well as a curated selection of additional (and excellent) animated shorts:

Burrow – Madeline Sharafian and Michael Capbarat (USA)
Genius Loci – Adrien Mérigeau and Amaury Ovise (France)
– Erick Oh (USA/South Korea)
If Anything Happens I Love You – Will McCormack and Michael Govier (USA)
Yes-People – Gísli Darri Halldórsson and Arnar Gunnarsson (Iceland)


Kapaemahu (USA)

The Snail and the Whale (UK/Germany)

To Gerard (USA)

For more information on each of the nominees, visit: https://shorts.tv/theoscarshorts.

CLICK HERE to stream these films directly from their distributor. Your purchase directly benefits The Roxy Theater. Thank you!