Awards Shorts Block



Roxy Garden Thu, May 13 8:30 PM
Film Info
Series:International Wildlife Film Festival at The Roxy Garden
Run Time:76 min


All the award-winning shorts from this year's IWFF, presented in the beautiful Roxy Garden.

Life on the Rocks - Winner, Best Student Film and Best of Festival

At the mouth of the Firth of Forth in Scotland sits an ancient volcanic island, home to the world’s largest colony of gannets: the Bass Rock. For three years in the 1960s, June Nelson and her late husband Bryan called it their home, studying the birds and their behaviors. June reflects upon their time together and the catastrophic loss of global seabird populations in the years since.

Gamechangers: The Football Team Scoring Conservation Goals - Winner, Best Short Short

Six species of sea turtle once nested on Ghana’s beaches, but only three are seen today. Hoping to stop the decline, Daniel Kwesi Botchwey has joined EJF's conservation campaign in Gomoa Fetteh, a coastal town in the Central Region of Ghana. A local project officer who also happens to be a football coach, Daniel has encouraged his team's players to become sea turtle patrollers as well.

Home for All - Winner, Best Living with Wildlife Program

Some traditional communities in Sumatra, Indonesia, have long considered the tiger a sacred being. These communities have learned to avoid and mitigate human-tiger conflict, developing non-lethal tools while protecting their livestock from predation. Now they work to protect this most majestic and tragically threatened of big cats.

Nest 38 - Winner, Best Short

A pair of Banded Dotterels--small plovers native to New Zealand--attempt to defy the odds to raise their chicks on a surprisingly hostile beach, as their self-appointed guardian Ailsa looks on.

Under Review: Katahdin - Winner, Best New Vision Program

A boy grows up spending his days swinging from a tree’s branches, developing a loving friendship with the tree and her saplings. As he grows up he loses his affection for the natural world. Eventually he becomes a logger and is told to slaughter his beloved family of trees. Under Review: Katahdin tells the heart-wrenching story of our evolving relationship with trees.