MTFF Shorts Block - SOLD OUT!



The Roxy Theater Screen 2 Thu, Nov 18, 2021 5:00 PM
Film Info
Series:Montana Film Festival
Run Time:91 min


A block of eight exceptional short films, ranging from the experimental to the comedic, from the solemn to the satirical.

600 Moons
8 min
Directed by Cindy Stillwell

If we live long enough, we will have seen six-hundred moons at fifty years of life on earth. 600 Moons is a wordless experimental film that imagines the fluidity of time, the fragility of our existence and what happens in the spirit realm. Shot in Ontario and Montana on 16mm, the film was hand processed with mostly plant based eco-processing techniques that are evident in the ethereal textures of the film.

16 min
Directed by Cat Dale
Produced by Cat Dale and Alexa Alberdale

Mary Todd Lincoln, who is committed to an insane asylum by her last living relative, tries to prove her sanity with the help of a medium and her dead son.

The Moly Spirit
5 min
Directed by Michael Kohlbrenner
Produced by John Budge, Michael Patrick Kane, Michael Kohlbrenner

Jesus discloses a dark secret to his disciple Peter.

Le Pigeon
12 min
Directed by Molly Stark-Ragsdale
Produced by Elisabeth Vander Houwen, Amy Ragsdale, Cody Jahrig

Le Pigeon follows a day in the life of two millennials as they catastrophize about a world they know little about due to the privileged pedestal on which they stand. Everything they stand for is put into question when they must rescue a comatose pigeon from the beach.

12 min
Directed by Brett Hannam

A two-spirit L'nu teenager runs away from his abusive father along with his younger half-brother. Along the way they meet a two-spirit powwow dancer who joins them on their quest. Together they travel the backroads in search of a new beginning.

10 min
Directed by Sky Hopinka

Images of friends and landscapes are cut, fragmented, and reassembled on an overhead projector as hands guide their shape and construction in this film stemming from Hollis Frampton’s “Nostalgia." The voice tells a story about a not too distant past, a not too distant ruin, with traces of nostalgia articulated in terms of lore; knowledge and memory passed down and shared not from wistful loss, but as a pastiche of rumination, reproduction, and creation.

Ode to Desolation
13 min
Directed by Lindsey Hagen

Ode to Desolation shares the story of Jim Henterly, a naturalist, illustrator and fire lookout as he contemplates the dwindling days of Fire Lookouts in North America.

15 min
Directed and Produced by Adam Meeks

Returning to the landscape of his childhood and an archive of his father's renowned photography, filmmaker Adam Meeks explores his parents' marriage and the Montana valley that defined it.

Followed by a Q&A with many of the filmmakers.