Film Info
Series:Trash Talk
Run Time:93 min
Release Year:2011
Sponsored By:Frame of Mind
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Joseph Kahn
Cast Members:Josh Hutcherson, Shanley Caswell, Dane Cook


In 1996, the world of horror changed forever with the release of Scream, a movie that asked what would happen if teenagers in a horror film were aware of the tropes of horror films. Years later, Torque director Joseph Kahn asked a follow-up question: What if teenagers in a horror film had seen Scream, but also were living in a world where every other kind of horror movie was also happening at the same stime? Introduced by Charlotte Macorn and Solveig--your homeroom horror hostesses--Trash Talk takes you back to school with a celebration of exploitation.

Sponsored by Frame of Mind!