Flux Gourmet


The Main 3 Sat, May 7, 2022 9:45 PM
The Main 3 Thu, May 12, 2022 9:45 PM
Ticket Prices
General Public:$15.00 (+$2 online fee)
Members:$10.00 (no online fee)
Student:$8.00 (box office only)
Film Info
Programs:Dark Out
Dark Comedy
Release Year:2022
Runtime:109 min
Country/Region:United Kingdom
Print Source:IFC Midnight
Director:Peter Strickland
Executive Producer:Ian Benson
Arianna Bocco
Sophie Green
Phil Hunt
Stephen Kelliher
Betsy Rodgers
Compton Ross
Producer:Serena Armitage
Pietro Greppi
Cinematographer:Tim Sidell
Screenwriter:Peter Strickland
Editor:Mátyás Fekete
Principal Cast:Asa Butterfield
Gwendoline Christie
Ariane Labed
Fatma Mohamed
Makis Papadimitriou
Richard Bremmer
Leo Bill


This is one strange culinary collective: performance artists work night and day as “sonic caterers,” extracting disturbing noises from food. Stones is a man tasked with documenting these events, but soon he begins to wonder if he himself isn’t part of the performance in Peter Strickland’s typically bizarre fifth feature.

The collective takes a residency at an institute devoted to culinary and alimentary performance in rural England, led by the imposing Jan Stevens (an outstanding Gwendoline Christie). Up at dawn, with a full pantry and every conceivable kitchen appliance at their disposal, the artists work diligently to create the bizarre sounds. Stones, stricken with an unending flatulence, tries to endure. Soon, jealousy and competition are aroused, and events spiral out of control. Peter Strickland, whose every film defies categorization, is at his best here, creating a world both visually ravishing and narratively disturbing.

Director Biography

Peter Strickland is one of the world’s most unique directors, and a founding member of the Sonic Catering Band, which formed after one of its members had a bout of food poisoning that led to a dream about tapeworms and the Health Minister. Flux Gourmet (2021) is his most recent film.