Shorts Program 6 - Family Love

  • (mis)placed
  • Kena DeRose
  • Like You
  • Loons
  • Lovebirds
  • Paper Geese
  • Second Wedding
  • Seeds

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The Main 2 Sun, May 8, 2022 4:30 PM
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General Public:$15.00 (+2 online fee)
Members:$10.00 (no online fee)
Student:$8.00 (box office only)
Film Info
Festival Programs:Minnesota Made
Shorts Program
Tags:Minnesota Made
Family Drama
Runtime:83 min


MSPIFF41 Shorts Program 6: Family Love

Films are listed here in screening order.

Directed by Merete Korsberg. Norway. 2022. 14 min. Documentary Short.
An online search leads a woman to pursue an unexpected quest for love.

Kena DeRose
Directed by Maribeth Romslo. USA. 2022. 6 min. Documentary Short.
A mother's support makes all the difference, empowering a teen drag queen to perform and be seen.

Like You
Directed by Marco Gosalvez. Spain. 2021. 11 min. Fiction Short.
A young man with Down syndrome is encouraged by his mother to audition for an acting role.

Directed by Ajuawak Kapashesit and Morningstar Angeline. USA. 2022. 12 min. Fiction Short.
Without parents to guide them, two girls reflect on the love their parents modeled and the grief of their loss.

Second Wedding
Directed by Taylor Olson. Canada. 2021. 9 min. Fiction Short.
Two single-parent divorcees try their hand at getting married—again.

Directed by Adam Olson. USA. 2022. 6 min. Fiction Short.
Father & daughter struggle to communicate while shopping for vinyl.

Paper Geese
Directed by Elizabeth Chatelain. USA. 2021. 14 min. Fiction Short.
After an unsuccessful goose hunt, a young girl grapples with seeing her father in a new light.

Directed by Grace Potter. USA. 2022. 23 min. Fiction Short.
Two estranged siblings reunite at their family's cabin and face big decisions about life.

Included Shorts

Lovebirds (14min) More
Kena DeRose (6min) More
Like You (11min) More
Seeds (12min) More
Second Wedding (9min) More
(mis)placed (6min) More
Paper Geese (14min) More
Loons (23min) More