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Cinema Arts Centre - Cinema 2 Wed, Jun 15, 2022 7:30 PM


Anything But Silent

FILIBUS (1915)

Featuring Live Theatre Organ Accompaniment by Ben Model!

Wednesday, June 15th at 7:30 PM

Members $12 | Public $17

“No other crime thriller compares to Filibus!” exclaimed a Corona Films ad in the April 1915 edition of the Italian film magazine La Vita Cinematografica — and for once the ballyhoo was correct! Directed by Mario Roncoroni and scripted by future science fiction authoGiovanni BertinettiFilibus is the most exciting, witty, feminist, steampunk, cross-dressing aviatrix thriller you will ever see!

Flying high above the clouds her dirigible, Filibus, the mysterious sky pirate, is a master of disguise and the scourge of millionaires, banks, and the police. Lowered in a gondola by her henchmen, Filibus steals from the rich and then mysteriously vanishes into the clouds. However, now, with the famed Detective Kutt-Hendy on her trail, Filibus must up her game. Posing as the Baroness Troixmond, the jewel thief enters the local magistrate’s office and volunteers to help catch elusive Filibus. The criminal, she announces, is none other than the detective himself! There follows a cat-and-mouse adventure that includes an ancient Egyptian statue of Bastet with glowing diamond eyes, knockout powder, mysterious handprints, and a secret miniature camera. Filibus is a formidable opponent, who even cross-dresses and poses as the aristocratic Count de la Brive to court the detective’s beautiful sister while plotting his downfall. (1915, DCP, 76 min., Italy, Silent | Dir. Mario Roncoroni)

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Poster for Filibus (1915)

Ben Model is one of America’s leading silent film accompanists, and has been playing piano and organ for silent films at the New York MoMA since 1984 and the CAC since 2006. Since March 16th, 2020, Ben has been hosting a weekly live-streamed silent film show from his living room, “The Silent Comedy Watch Party.” Click here to visit Ben's YouTube page!

Silent Film Accompanist Ben Model