Dreamland Conversations: Sharks in a Post-Jaws World with Dr. Austin Gallagher

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Studio Theater Fri, Aug 5 6:00 PM
Run Time:1H
Category:Dreamland Conversations


Sharks have forever captured the interest and appeal of humanity. Once feared and hunted to near extinction, today sharks are revered and receiving more attention than ever before. In this intimate conversation, leading shark researcher Dr. Austin Gallagher will share his perspective on how and why the world's large sharks are starting to make a major comeback. Using powerful imagery and video, Dr. Gallagher will share stories from his global expeditions, highlighting eye-opening discoveries into shark behavior, migration, and reproduction, and much more. 

Bio: Dr. Austin Gallagher is a leading marine biologist, explorer, author and social entrepreneur, best known for his research on sharks. He is the founder and CEO of Beneath the Waves, a globally activated non-profit organization focusing on ocean conservation, where he works diligently studying and advocating for highly migratory species and their habitats around the world. Gallagher has been the lead on more than 50 global scientific expeditions, and has published over 100 scientific papers, spanning research on the migrations of ocean giants, deep-sea exploration, and marine policy. Gallagher’s approach combines research, private sector collaboration, local engagement, and media – to create effective partnerships. He is regularly consulted by US Congress, as well as Heads of State and governments throughout the Caribbean, to prompt and develop legislation and policies to protect threatened ocean habitat, species, and the communities that depend on them. A Massachusetts native, Gallagher is a National Geographic Explorer, Fulbright Scholar, Adjunct Professor at The University of Exeter and Northeastern University, and a Fellow of the Explorer’s Club. He has spoken about ocean conservation at venues worldwide, and serves as an advisor to governments, international organizations, media productions, and companies interested in sustainability.

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