ONLINE EVENT - THE WINNING OF BARBARA WORTH - Live-Stream with Live Piano Accompaniment by Ben Model!

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A Live Virtual “Anything But Silent” Event – ONLINE ONLY!

Vilma Banky, Ronald Colman, and Gary Cooper in


With Live Piano Accompaniment by Ben Model

Live Streaming on Tuesday, July 26th at 7:00 PM Eastern Time!

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Vilma BankyRonald Colman, and a very young Gary Cooper (in his first credited role), star in this epic drama about the pioneer settlers who dreamed of irrigating California's parched Imperial Valley in the early 20th century. The story centers on a rivalry for the affections of Barbara Worth (Banky), adopted daughter of a powerful rancher. A local cowboy (Cooper) finds himself competing with a newly arrived engineer (Colman), who has come to the rural valley to work on plans to harness the Colorado River for irrigation. Will the local ranch-hand prevail over the city slicker engineer? Can citizens of the parched region prevail over nature and transform their lands into an agricultural paradise? Will rumors of shortcuts taken in constructing a massive dam lead to disaster? Filmed on location in Nevada's Black Rock desert, and directed by Hollywood legend Henry King (Twelve O’Clock HighJesse JamesThe GunfighterThe Sun Also RisesState FairCarousel), The Winning of Barbara Worth weaves a vivid tale of romance and conflict against a backdrop of vast open spaces and wild nature. Unavailable for many years, this vivid Western tale is now taking its place among the major films of the silent era. (USA, 1926, 89 min., b/w with tinting | Dir. Henry King)


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Ben Model is one of America’s leading silent film accompanists, and has been playing piano and organ for silent films at the New York MoMA since 1984 and the CAC since 2006. Since March 16th, 2020, Ben has been hosting a weekly live-streamed silent film show from his living room, “The Silent Comedy Watch Party.” Click here to visit Ben's YouTube page!

Silent Film Accompanist Ben Model

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