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Introduction by Philip Harwood

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The film that defines “epic,” Lawrence of Arabia is oversized in every way, from director David Lean’s sweeping vision, to its sweeping plot exploring T.E. Lawrence's (Peter O'Toole) experiences in the Ottoman Empire's provinces of Hejaz and Greater Syria during World War I, in particular his attacks on Aqaba and Damascus and his involvement in the Arab National Council. Its grand themes include Lawrence's emotional struggles with the personal violence inherent in war, his own identity, and his divided allegiance between his native Britain with its army and his new-found comrades within the Arabian desert tribes. And then there are its groundbreaking performances (O’TooleAlec GuinnessAnthony Quinn), its panoramic vistas, its impact (what “best-of” list isn’t it on?), and, of course, its length. Quite simply, they don’t make ’em like this anymore. (USA/UK, 1962, 216 min., Color, DCP, in English/Arabic/Turkish with subtitles / Rated PG | Dir. David Lean)

Still of Peter O

Film poster for LAWRENCE OF ARABIA (1962)