Above The Line: Micro-Budget Filmmaking


O Cinema South Beach Sat, Sep 3 1:00 PM


ABOVE THE LINE: Micro-Budget Filmmaking with Carla Forte & Alexey Taran!



• How they make films with the resources they have
• Five to 10 days of filming schedules!
• Relationships with the actors
• Hacking -against all odds



Carla Forte / Writer and Director

Carla Forte was born in Caracas, Venezuela, and lives and works in Miami, Florida. Forte,  first trained as a contemporary dancer, received a bachelor's degree, earning the highest GPA at the Dance University Institute in Caracas - Venezuela (2000-2004). Forte soon established herself as an interdisciplinary artist incorporating dance, film and performance through different media, focusing on emotions as a starting point. She is the co-founder and film director of the Bistoury Physical Theatre and Film (2007 - Present) in Miami, Florida. Her feature films and experimental pieces have been screened at prominent film festivals and galleries such as: "75 Festival Internazionale del Cinema di Salerno'' Salerno-Italy (2021); "The University Galleries of Florida Atlantic University" Boca Raton-Florida (2021); "CICA Museum" Gyeonggi-do- South Korea (2021); "16 SANFIC Santiago Festival Internacional de Cine Chile" (2021); "62 Rochester International Film Festival’' (2020); "37 Miami Film Festival'' Miami- Florida (2020); "OGA VideoArt Exhibitions" Roma, Italy (2018);  “41st Atlanta Film Festival’' Atlanta- Georgia (2017); "Cube Art Project" Lincoln- Nebraska (2017); "Les Instants Video" Marseille- France (2014), among others. Her works have been acquired by Gravitas Adventures, South Florida PBS and Troma Entertainment.  Forte has won commissions, awards and artistic residencies from prestigious programs such as South Florida Cultural Consortium Miami- Florida (2021); The 66th Flaherty Seminar NY- NY (2021); Dance Miami Choreographers Miami- Florida (2020); Knight Arts Challenge Miami- Florida (2019); En Residencia Koubek Center Miami- Florida (2019); FONLAD Residency Program Coimbra- Portugal (2018) and Berlinale Talent Berlin-Germany (2017).

Alexey Taran / Producer, Director of Photography and Editor

Alexey Taran is the founder and artistic director of the physical theater department of Bistoury Physical Theater and Film. He has stood out as a Producer, Director of Photography and editor. He has produced all of Carla’s films, as well as being the Director of Photography of many of them, such as the experimental shorts “Interrupta” and “Hurricane”, the documentary “The Holders”; and the feature film “Conejo”.

His stage and film work with Bistoury has received important awards. Alexey´s work has won more than 20 National and International awards like Guggenheim Fellowship, Dance Miami Choreographers' (DMC) Program, Individual Artist Fellowship Program from the Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs, New Music USA, New Time´s MasterMind Award, Author Award Category Independent Choreographer from the International Choreographic Encounters of Seine, Saint-Denis, France, Latin American Platform “Movements 96” Germany.

ABOVE THE LINE talks are free and open to the public. If you are a filmmaker, actor and musician, or curious to know more about what goes on behind the scenes in filmmaking, join the conversation by reserving your space.

Seating is limited. Talks precede the screening of MIKI MANIACO.