SQUIRRELS TO THE NUTS - Peter Bogdanovich's Lost Film!

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Cinema Arts Centre - Cinema 2 Wed, Dec 7 7:30 PM


Peter Bogdanovich’s lost film!

Wednesday, December 7th at 7:30 PM


In Person: CUNY English Lecturer, Film Scholar, and Film Rescuer James Kenney

Suggested Donation: $15

Heavily cut, substantially reshot, and burdened with a painfully explicit voice-over narration, Peter Bogdanovich’s final theatrical feature was released in 2014 under the title She’s Funny That Way and quickly disappeared from view. Miraculously, Bogdanovich’s full original cut, running 123 minutes and titled Squirrels to the Nuts in homage to Ernst Lubitsch’s Cluny Brown, was saved from oblivion by James Kenney, a CUNY English instructor, who discovered a high-definition video master of the Bogdanovich edit on eBay. In its full, free-floating form, Squirrels recovers Bogdanovich’s elegance, airiness, and ability to smoothly manage a large cast of characters. This ensemble romantic farce centers around a Brooklyn sex worker and aspiring actress, Isabella (Imogen Poots), and how she unwittingly affects the interconnected relationships between a Broadway director (Owen Wilson), his leading lady wife (Kathryn Hahn), her suave co-star (Rhys Ifans), an obsessive judge (Austin Pendleton), and a thoroughly unprofessional therapist (Jennifer Aniston), among many others. At heart the film is a McCareyesque comedy of remarriage, with the stage director (Wilson) fighting through serial infidelities to make it back to his patient wife (Hahn), who herself is being pursued by the scruffy Brit film star (Ifans). However, the peripheral characters—particularly Pendleton’s lovesick judge and Aniston as the world’s most indiscreet therapist—add some wonderful, darker notes to Bogdanovich’s rich comic tapestry. (USA, 2013/2022, 123 min., DCP)