Special Screening: The NY Cat Film Festival


Main Theater Sat, Nov 12, 2022 4:00 PM
Run Time:1hr 36min
Release Year:2022



10% of today's ticket proceeds will benefit the Nantucket Island Safe Harbor for Animals!

This year's Festival had the most international submissions of any year yet, with films from Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Iran, Italy, Kuwait, Malta, Poland, Spain, Taiwan, the UK.

CAT FIGHT [1 min]  20-year-old director Zoe Neely from Shaker Heights, Ohio

An animated tale of two cats - one who is real and one who is not - who are jealous of each other. One cat takes it upon himself to get rid of the other.

KATZ OF NY [6 min]  25-year-old director Pablo A Jimenez from New York 

An animated story about two down-on-their-luck cats, Matt and John, who hang out for free beer at Katz Bar, lamenting on losing their jobs - when a new employment opportunity arises.

CATS OF MALTA [20 min]  Director Sarah Jayne Portelli from Australia and Malta 

A documentary celebrating the island’s stray cats and the volunteers who show the large population unconditional love and support. [Sarah Jayne will be coming to the Premiere from Zagreb}

PRIME SUSPECT [2 min]  22-year-old director Gail Albright from Coppell Texas

An animated “thriller” about a dog masquerading as a cat to evade being unmasked as the "Sirloin Snatcher" who has eaten all the steaks in Mew York, 

CAT OF LETTERS [4 min]  70-years-young director Kim Best from Durham, North Carolina 

This “instructional” film suggests Wordle is easy. Just trust your feline intuition. 

ACHROMA [4 min]  22-year-old director Sarah Steidle from Brooklyn, New York.

 Amidst a colorful world, a young woman living in shades of gray keeps to herself in fear of spreading it to others, until she finds a perfect (and persistent) companion.

L’HISTOIRE DE LILIPUT [4 min]  29-year-old director Marco Antonio Nunez from Santiago, Chile.

“Liliput's story, a white cat from Santiago de Chile, narrated by another not-typical-french in another not-typical-short film about cats. 

THANK YOU, COME AGAIN [4 min]   22-year-old director Aysia Segura from Brooklyn, New York.

The wildly imagined animated saga of a man who takes his cat to the grocery store to get their favorite snacks.

HUGO [5 min] 37-year-old American director Justin Christopher Ayd. 

A contemplative,look at grief over pet loss as a couple finds their own artistic ways to express tributes to Hugo.

DUET [5 min]  25-year-old director Yadid Hirschtritt Licht from Chicago, Illinois

An animated story of a cat adopted by an elderly woman, who teaches him to play piano. 

PLEASE RESCUE ME [14 min]  70-years-young director Kim Best from Durham, North Carolina 

A documentary chronicling a few of the 250 cats rescued from trees by an avid tree climber. 

NINE LIVES [6 min]  17-year-old director Anzi Tang from Sichuan, China

An animated expression of the young director’s imagingins about her cat’s nine lives..

PURRADISE’S GOT TALENT 6 min]  68-year-old Priscilla Dean from Phoenix, Arizona.

A spoof on the human version of this game show concept, starring the rescued cats of the Purradise Cat Sanctuary. 

WHAT IF? [2 min]   Director Melanie Futorian from Hell’s Kitchen, New York City

Returning feline star from last year's NY Cat Film Festival, Bobcat is back with a personal expression of his philosophical musings of whether the impossible is possible.

JADE & TRUBS [6 min]   from Mutual Rescue

A mixed-media documentary about Trubs, a chronically ill shelter cat, who is adopted by the family of Jade, a young autistic girl with sensory sensitivities..

THE CAT, THE MOUSE, AND THE SAUSAGE [6 min]  41-year-old director Joel Simon from Belfast, Ireland.

A hilarious animated story about three strangers - a cat, a mouse and a sausage - and what  transpires when they have to share a small flat in a large city.  Based on a 19th century folk tale by the Brothers Grimm.