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Controversial upon its release and now a feminist cult favorite, Ginger Snaps is a supernatural coming-of-age story centering around two misfit sisters, 15-year-old Brigitte Fitzgerald (Emily Perkins) and almost 16-year-old Ginger (Katharine Isabelle), who are obsessed with dying and bound by a childhood pact to stay together forever. Their loathing of mind-numbing suburban existence quickly changes to a survival-first mindset when Ginger is savagely attacked by a werewolf while walking at night in the woods. She survives and her external wounds heal, but something is clearly not the same. Cleverly equating the onset of puberty with the unleashing of an implacable feminine id, screenwriter Karen Walton (Orphan Black) and director John Fawcett's Ginger Snaps is a critique of the dangers of conformity, a subversive delight, howling with laughs, screams and frightfully fun dialogue. (Canada, 2000, 108 min., color, Rated R, DCP | Dir. John Fawcett)

Still from GINGER SNAPS (2000)

Film poster for GINGER SNAPS (2000)