The Night of the 12th


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Film Info
Original Title:La nuit du 12
Festival Programs:World Cinema
Release Year:2022
Runtime:115 min
Print Source:Film Movement
Culture & Society
True Crime
Director:Dominik Moll
Producer:Caroline Bejo
Barbara Letellier
Carole Scotta
Simon Arna
Cinematographer:Patrick Ghringhelli
Screenwriter:Gilles Marchand
Dominik Moll
based on the book “18.3 – Une année à la PJ” by Pauline Guéna
Editor:Laurent Rouan
Composer:Olivier Marguerit
Principal Cast:Bastien Bouillon
Bouli Lanners
Théo Cholbi
Johann Dionnet
Thibaut Evrard
Julien Frison
Paul Jeanson
Mouna Soulam
Pauline Serieys
Anouk Grinberg
Lula Cotton Frapier


French auteur Dominik Moll’s newest thriller debuted at the Cannes Film Festival and mesmerized audiences. Based on a true story, The Night of the 12th is a powerful police procedural that will haunt you for days. A six-time César Award winner, including Best Film and Best Director.

When a young woman is murdered and her corpse burned, Yohan (Bastien Bouillon) and Marceau (Bouli Lanners) are assigned to the case. But days, then weeks, then months go by, and the case grows colder and colder, and soon this pair finds themselves digging themselves deeper and deeper into a morass that reveals the worst of their home country. A film that evokes the obsessions and frustrations of Zodiac, Dominick Moll’s The Night of the 12th is a thriller par excellence.

Director Biography

Dominik Moll was born in West Germany and studied film at the City College of New York and the French National Film School. His film With a Friend Like Harry… (2000) won numerous Cesar Awards and, along with his film, Lemming (2005), was nominated for the Palme d’Or.