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Film Noir Classics
Stanley Kubrick’s
Wednesday, May 24th at 7:30 PM
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You’ll think you’ve died and gone to hardboiled heaven. Or is it hell? Stanley Kubrick was only 28 when he unleashed this twisty and twisted masterpiece, studded with diamond-hard dialogue courtesy of pulp master Jim ThompsonSterling Hayden arranges a clockwork racetrack robbery only to learn the hard way what happens to best-laid plans. Kubrick proved his noir bona fides by casting genre stalwarts Elisha Cook Jr.Marie WindsorColeen GrayTed de CorsiaJay C. Flippen—and unforgettable wild man Timothy Carey. The film’s backtracking narrative so befuddled United Artists that the studio dumped The Killing on the bottom half of a double bill, oblivious to the talent that would make Kubrick the most visionary director of his era. (US, 1956, 85min., b/w, DCP | Dir. Stanley Kubrick)

Still from Stanley Kubrick

Film poster for Stanley Kubrick