Fiddler on the Roof Sing-A-Long


O Cinema South Beach Sun, Aug 20 4:00 PM


Join us for a vibrant and heartwarming journey into the world of Anatevka with a sing-a-long screening of FIDDLER ON THE ROOF! It's time to warm up your vocal cords and join Tevye and his family in this musical extravaganza that's guaranteed to have you singing, laughing, and feeling every emotion right alongside the characters.


Delve into the story of Tevye, a poor Jewish milkman, who, in his quest to maintain his family and Jewish traditions, must cope with the strong-willed actions of his three older daughters and the edicts of the Tsar. This beloved musical boasts an unforgettable score featuring beloved songs such as "Tradition", "Matchmaker, Matchmaker", "If I Were a Rich Man", and "Sunrise, Sunset". As you join in on the spirited tunes and lively dances, you will be transported into the heart of this charming Russian village. This sing-a-long screening invites you to add your voice to the mix, bringing a fresh, interactive element to this classic tale.


FIDDLER ON THE ROOF is not just a film; it's a musical feast, a cultural touchstone, and a joyous exploration of faith, family, and tradition. So, warm up your singing voice, put on your dancing shoes, and get ready to raise a glass to life, love, and laughter in this unforgettable sing-a-long event where everyone is part of the tradition!