Hollywood Fringe


The Main 3 Mon, Jul 17, 2023 7:30 PM
Film Info
Program:Minnesota Made
Release Year:2020
Runtime:91 min
Print Source:Sleeper Cell Films
Dark Comedy
Women Directors
Minnesota Made
Director:Megan Huber
Wyatt McDill
Executive Producer:Suzanne Fenton
Producer:Megan Huber
Cinematographer:Chris Hadland
Screenwriter:Wyatt McDill
Editor:Carlos Lamas
Composer:Amit May Cohen
Principal Cast:Jennifer Prediger
Justin Kirk
Erica Hernandez
Tory Devon Smith
Rainbow Underhill
Nishi Munshi
Jim Holmes


Special Screening July 17

MSP Film Society, Minnesota Fringe, and Sleeper Cell Films presents the 2021 MSPIFF Audience Choice Winner Hollywood Fringe, a dark comedy about acting, life, and fringe festivals – starring former-Minnesotan Justin Kirk, and produced, written and directed by Minnesota filmmakers Megan Huber and Wyatt McDill. The film also features the music of local favorites John Munson (The New Standards, Semisonic) and Lucy Michelle.

Ticket includes 6pm reception at Pracna, 7:30 film, & talk back with filmmakers.

About the Film

Hollywood Fringe is the story (told in the form of a play) of down-on-their-luck, 40-something, Hollywood non-power couple, Samantha and Travis Sunstrom (Jennifer Prediger, Justin Kirk). Samantha and Travis's long-suffering pet project, "Rainbow Farm" - about young idealists bent on improving the world - has finally been green-lit, but only on the condition that a younger actress takes Samantha's role! This schism seriously strains Samantha and Travis's professional relationship, and their personal one too. As Travis watches "Rainbow Farm" become a hollowed out caricature of their original concept, Samantha decides to revisit a whacked-out experimental theater piece from her youth, called "The Alien Play." On the fringes of Hollywood, everyone's still trying to find their role in life.