Plan C


O Cinema South Beach Tue, Oct 10 7:00 PM


A determined group of women, midwives, and doctors fight to increase access to abortion pills in the United States outside a clinic setting. In 2014, Francine, a social scientist based in Los Angeles, and her partners, launched Plan C to spread the word about access to abortion pills online. This is the story of the work done between2020 and the overturning of Roe v. Wade in 2022.


There are people out there you wish you had known about (and supported) a long time ago. Francine Coeytaux is one of those people. She has spent decades working in public health and focusing on new reproductive technologies, including the development of emergency contraception. With abortion restrictions and bans going into effect, Coeytaux and her team of providers established Plan C — a grassroots organization dedicated to expanding access to medication abortion.


Director Tracy Droz Tragos accompanies the team as they look for ways to distribute abortion pills while following the letter of the law. Unmarked vans serving as mobile clinics distribute medication to those who cannot get help in their own states. Countless calls are coming in daily from women desperate to be “un-pregnant.” The team of Plan C works tirelessly to make sure they are not alone. PLAN C feels like essential viewing, not just because it’s timely and diligent. It’s a call to action that has the power to motivate and replace fear with hope.