The Polar Express Sing-Along


O Cinema South Beach Sun, Dec 3, 2023 4:00 PM


THE POLAR EXPRESS is a captivating animated adventure that has enchanted audiences of all ages. On Christmas Eve, a young boy, skeptical about the magic of Christmas, embarks on a remarkable journey to the North Pole aboard the Polar Express. This magical train, led by its wise and enigmatic conductor, whisks the boy and other children through wondrous landscapes and thrilling situations, igniting a sense of wonder and excitement. As they journey through snowy mountains and across icy plains, the boy learns about bravery, friendship, and the spirit of Christmas.


This sing-along screening of THE POLAR EXPRESS offers a unique and interactive experience, allowing audiences to engage with the film like never before. Viewers are encouraged to join in on the film's memorable and heartwarming songs, such as "When Christmas Comes to Town" and "Believe," performed by the characters during their fantastical journey.


The event is designed to provide an immersive and joyful experience for families and fans of the film. Beyond just singing along, attendees can expect a holiday-themed atmosphere, enhancing the communal spirit of the screening. This sing-along version of THE POLAR EXPRESS promises to be a delightful and memorable event, perfect for celebrating the holiday season and reigniting the magic of Christmas.