Psychedelics Made Me What I Am


O Cinema South Beach Sun, Dec 10, 2023 6:30 PM


Renowned filmmaker Caveh Zahedi's adventurous journey with psychedelics spans three and a half decades, documented through his lens. About a quarter-century ago, he encountered the profound teachings of Terence McKenna, advocating for what he termed "heroic doses" of mushrooms, in contrast to mere "recreational doses." Zahedi, captivated by this concept, delved into heroic doses (triple the typical amount) and embarked on a surreal odyssey, akin to becoming "possessed." In a live performance, he weaves the tale of his extraordinary hallucinogenic experiences spanning 25 years.


Caveh Zahedi

Caveh Zahedi, an Iranian-American filmmaker, actor, and writer based in Brooklyn, New York, is known for his work that delves into personal experiences, relationships, and philosophical reflections, often laced with humor and introspection. His notable films include “A Little Stiff” (1991), “I Am a Sex Addict” (2005), and “The Sheik and I” (2012). Among his acclaimed projects is “The Show About the Show,” a groundbreaking TV series that intricately weaves the process of creating a show with a deep exploration of his own life and relationships. Zahedi also imparts his expertise as a film and media arts teacher, currently at the New School in New York City, cementing his status as an influential figure in the independent film community.