HOLD ME TIGHT - Sunday Schmooze


Cinema Arts Centre - Cinema 1 Sun, Feb 11 10:00 AM


Sunday Schmooze
Hold Me Tight
Sunday, February 11th
Bagels at 10 AM, Film at 11 AM
Hosted by Fred Craden

Vicky Krieps (Phantom Thread) gives another riveting performance as Clarisse, a woman on the run from her family for reasons that aren’t immediately clear. Director Mathieu Amalric’s sixth feature is a virtuosic, daringly fluid portrait of one woman’s fractured psyche
, alternating between Clarisse’s adventures on the road and her husband as he struggles to take care of their children at home. Amalric’s film keeps viewers uncertain as to the reality of what they’re seeing until the final moments of this richly rewarding and unpredictable portrait of grief. (France, 2021, 97 mins, French, German | Dir. Mathieu Amalric)