Cinema Arts Centre - Cinema 1 Fri, Apr 19 7:00 PM


Presented with Trek Long Island, LI's Star Trek Convention
STAR TREK’S MELANIE SMITH IN-PERSON with a screening of Deep Space 9!
Friday, April 19th at 7 PM
Featuring a screening of an episode of Deep Space 9 with a panel discussion with actress Melanie Smith (Tora Ziyal, Deep Space 9) & the Captains Quadrant Podcast
$16 Public | $10 Members

Join Star Trek’s Melanie Smith (Tora Ziyal, Deep Space 9) for a screening of one of the most iconic episodes of Star Trek Deep Space 9 – Episode 6 of Season 6, Sacrifice of Angels – followed by a panel discussion with Melanie and the Captain's Quadrant Podcast.

Ranked as one of the best Star Trek episodes of all time, Sacrifice of Angels is the sixth episode of the sixth season of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. As the Dominion fleet approaches for an assault on Deep Space Nine, Captain Benjamin Sisko and his crew must navigate treacherous waters, facing not only the threat of the Dominion but also the moral dilemmas that arise in wartime – building to a thrilling climax as both sides engage in a desperate battle for control of Deep Space Nine, with the fate of the Alpha Quadrant hanging in the balance.

Melanie Smith is an American Actress, Singer, Songwriter, Coach, Entrepreneur, and Author. Melanie was the third actress to portray 'Tora Ziyal' on "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" and had a starring role as 'Emily Stewart' on the daytime drama "As the World Turns" from 1987 to 1992. She recurred as Jerry Seinfeld's girlfriend, Rachel, in three episodes of "Seinfeld," including the unforgettable "The Hamptons," episode where she discovers 'George's shrinkage' and says, "I'm sorry, I thought this was the baby’s room!”. Other television appearances include: "Curb Your Enthusiasm," “Matlock," and “Beverly Hills” 90210, as well as recurring roles in “Murder, She Wrote," "Melrose Place,” and “The Division,”  just to name a few. Her films include: "Trancers III, " The Baby Doll Murders," and “Molly and Gina.” Melanie’s book "Unfinished Business: 8 Steps to Heal Your Trauma, Transcend Your Past, and Transform Your Life" was published in August 2023 and will be available at the event. She recently recorded her first jazz album “The Broken and The Breaker” with her Grammy-winning band, and though it won’t be released until August, there will be limited CDs available at the event as well.