Cinema Arts Centre - Cinema 2 Wed, Apr 10 7:00 PM
Cinema Arts Centre - Cinema 3 Wed, Apr 10 7:15 PM


Comic Gems
Wednesday, April 10th at 7 PM
Second show added at 7:15 PM!
Introduction by Film Historian Glenn Andreiev

Coarse, crass and hilarious... this classic spoof of the Western genre pokes fun at everyone and everything. When a Black railroad laborer (Cleavon Little) becomes the sheriff of a frontier town, he seeks the aid of an alcoholic gunfighter to win over the town. Director Mel Brooks’ satirizes both racism and the Western genre in what is arguably his most taboo-breaking film, full of dialogue both unprintable and endlessly quotable. With an all-star cast that includes Gene Wilder, Harvey Korman, Madeline Kahn and Brooks himself in multiple roles. (1974, 93 mins)