Cinema Arts Centre - Cinema 1 Sat, Jun 8 9:30 PM


Cult Café
Saturday, June 8th at 9:30 PM
$16 Public | $10 Members

Cult Cafe will now be held in the theater on the big screen!

Al Pacino is no stranger to the role of tough, determined cops, as fans of Heat, Serpico and Sea of Love will attest. But in Cruising, he plunges into an even stormier sea as a New York policeman who infiltrates New York’s gay S&M subculture to trap a serial killer preying on gay men. William Friedkin (The Exorcist, The French Connection) directs (from his own screenplay adaptation of Gerald Walker's novel) this still controversial, still engrossing murder mystery.  After the brutal killings of a number of gay men, officer Steve Burns (Pacino), matching the victim profile, is sent undercover to try and lure the killer out. As he infiltrates the scene, he slowly comes to question his own identity and becomes aware that the police force is aligned closer with the killer than the community they’re supposed to protect. Pacino's performance as a man whose identity and relationships are affected by his assignment remains its magnetic centerpiece. (USA, 1980, 106 mins, R, English | Dir. William Friedkin)