INSHALLAH A BOY - Sunday Schmooze


Cinema Arts Centre - Cinema 2 Sun, May 19 10:00 AM


Sunday Schmooze
INSHALLAH A BOY (Inshallah Walad)
Sunday, May 19th
Bagels at 10 AM, Film at 11 AM
Hosted by Fred Craden

The first film from Jordan ever selected for the Cannes Film Festival, Inshallah a Boy follows Nawal, who is struggling to cope after the sudden death of her husband. However, her pain is soon compounded by the possibility of losing her home to her brother-in-law. Desperate to keep her home and provide a stable life for her daughter, Nawal resorts to deception by faking a pregnancy. But as time passes, the lie becomes harder to sustain and Nawal faces a difficult choice. With only three weeks to find a solution, Nawal embarks on a journey that challenges her fears, beliefs, and morality, as she fights to secure her rightful inheritance and protect her daughter’s future. (Jordan, 2023, 113 mins, Arabic | Dir. Amjad Al Rasheed)