Cinema Arts Centre - Cinema 1 Thu, Aug 15 7:30 PM


A/V Geeks presents

Thursday, August 15th at 7:30 PM
$16 Public | $10 Members

Join the A/V Geeks as we step into a world of whimsical wonder and downright unsettling puppetry at our live 16mm film night! Prepare to be mesmerized by a lineup of puppets so outrageously "bad" they're unforgettable.

Our special selection includes: ”Parents Who Needs Them": Watch in awe as a magical puppet embarks on a fantastical journey, turning a little boy invisible to teach him a heartwarming lesson in gratitude.  "Lunchroom Manners": Experience the chaos and hilarity as a mischievous puppet turns a simple lunch into an uproarious spectacle, reminding us all of the importance of good manners. "What Tadoo?": Dive into a riveting cautionary tale, where children learn the crucial lesson of stranger danger through the captivating antics of our puppet characters. And more!

Don't miss this extraordinary night where bad puppets come to life, weaving stories that entertain, educate, and creep the bejeezus out of us.

Skip Elsheimer is a passionate film archivist and founder of AV Geeks, a project dedicated to preserving and showcasing educational and ephemeral 16mm films for over 30 years. Through his extensive collection, Elsheimer offers unique film screenings that provide a nostalgic glimpse into past decades, covering diverse topics from public service announcements to vintage classroom footage. He's happy to return to Cinema Arts Centre where, thankfully, he's only had one film projector explode.