Blood Punch

Film Info
Director:Madellaine Paxson
Running Time:104
Year of Release:2014


A young man finds himself drawn into a dangerous love triangle gone haywire. It's Groundhog Day meets Blood Simple. At least, that's the way the writer and director describe this well written and performed indie horror film. Don't let the fact that the writer and director are married and worked on Disney films (like Power Rangers) most of their career. Don't let the fact that the three main leads (two of THEM are married) are Power Rangers. No, really. Frickin' Power Rangers. It helps to have a good past working relationship with your crew/cast and this film's result is solid proof. The story is edgy, fun and smart. The plot plays out like a mystery/thriller and doesn't let you down in the end. It was a huge hit at the Austin Film Festival and won the audience award.