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Echo in the Canyon

A look at how musical groups such as The Byrds, The Beach Boys, Buffalo Springfield, and The Mamas & the Papas birthed the beginnings of the Laurel Canyon music scene and how the echo of these artists' creations reverberated across the world.
Mon, Jul 22 12:10 PM2:10 PM4:10 PM7:10 PM9:10 PM
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Late Night

A late-night talk show host's world is turned upside down when she hires her first and only female staff writer. Originally intended to smooth over diversity concerns, her decision brings about unexpectedly hilarious consequences as the two women who are separated by culture and generation become united by their love of a biting punchline.
Mon, Jul 22 2:20 PM9:20 PM
Tue, Jul 23 2:20 PM9:20 PM
Wed, Jul 24 2:20 PM9:20 PM
Thu, Jul 25 2:20 PM9:20 PM
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With their relationship in trouble, a young American couple travel to a fabled Swedish midsummer festival where a seemingly pastoral paradise transforms into a sinister, dread-soaked nightmare as the locals reveal their terrifying agenda.
Mon, Jul 22 12:00 PM2:45 PM5:30 PM8:15 PM
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Featuring never-before-seen footage, concert performances and intimate interviews, filmmaker Ron Howard examines the life and career of famed opera tenor Luciano Pavarotti.
Mon, Jul 22 11:50 AM4:25 PM7:05 PM
Tue, Jul 23 11:50 AM4:25 PM
Wed, Jul 24 4:25 PM7:05 PM
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The Art of Self Defense

After a brutal mugging, a man takes up karate to better defend himself but soon falls under the spell of the dojo's enigmatic leader.
Mon, Jul 22 12:00 PM2:10 PM4:15 PM7:00 PM9:05 PM
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The Biggest Little Farm

Documentarian John Chester and his wife Molly work to develop a sustainable farm on 200 acres outside of Los Angeles.
Mon, Jul 22 12:05 PM2:05 PM4:05 PM7:05 PM9:05 PM
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The Last Black Man in San Francisco

Jimmie and his best friend Mont try to reclaim the house built by Jimmie's grandfather, launching them on a poignant odyssey that connects them to their past, even as it tests their friendship and sense of belonging in the place they call home.
Mon, Jul 22 1:00 PM4:00 PM7:00 PM9:20 PM
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Wild Rose

Fresh out of prison, a Scottish woman juggles her job and two children while pursuing her dream of becoming a country music star. She soon gets her chance when she travels to Nashville on a life-changing journey to discover her true voice.
Mon, Jul 22 12:00 PM2:05 PM4:10 PM7:10 PM9:15 PM
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