Duke Energy Center - Jr. Ballroom
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Duke Energy Center - Theater 2
Duke Energy Center - Workshop Room 1
Duke Energy Center - Workshop Room 2
9:30 AM (90 min)
Veterans Brunch and "Stray Dog"
Brunch: Gather for a hearty brunch with veterans, community leaders and employers to recognizing the service and sacrifices of our military and veterans and acknowledge those that experience disability. Keynote speakers include: Michael Schlitz and Bryan Anderson. Film: Then, watch the award-winning film Stray Dog, that takes you into the troubled but brave heart of a Viet Nam Veteran.

Tickets include Brunch and the films: Stray Dog and Birthday

General Admission: $30

Veterans Admission: $10

We are grateful to the Heidt Family Foundation for making this special ticket price for veterans possible.

5:30 PM (105 min)
Cocktails and Zombies Party with Film: "Spring Break Zombie Massacre"
Party with Drew Lachey and Q-102's Jenn Jordan, with guest celebrities, Sam and Mattie from Spring Break Zombie Massacre, Lauren Potter (Guest Room, Glee), Ali Stroker (Glee) and Jamie Brewer (American Horror Story) then watch one of the breakthrough films of the year!
7:30 PM (90 min)
Spring Break Zombie Massacre
On a mission to save spring break, two badass bionic bros must fight and (more importantly) party their way through the zombie apocalypse. And hopefully defeat satan, who killed both of their moms.
10:00 AM (120 min)
Family Fun Shorts
Eight short films for the whole family to enjoy. Macropolis; Tales of the Golden Sands; Cuerdas; Coaching Colburn' Super Sounds,;Chimes for Tyler. Host Agency: Building Blocks 4 Kids Sponsor: Kroger
12:30 PM (120 min)
Imber's Left Hand
Jon Imber’s left hand traces the artist’s life and adaptations with ALS, or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.
3:00 PM (120 min)
Gabe Weil is a 27-year-old born with the most severe form of muscular dystrophy. For his entire life, Gabe had been told he would be lucky to live past 25. But recently, he learned he was misdiagnosed and may live well into his 50s.
7:00 PM (120 min)
Touched with Fire
When Marco (Luke Kirby) and Carla (Katie Holmes), poets with the condition also known as manic depression, meet at a group-therapy session in a mental hospital, their emotional combustion undercuts any available treatment.
11:00 AM (150 min)
Stray Dog
Stray Dog, directed by Debra Granik (Award-winning director of Winter’s Bone) RT 98 min Winner of eight international and national film awards and nominated for many more, Stray Dog reveals the troubled heart of Vietnam Veteran, Ron Hall. The Los Angeles Film Festival called it, “A beautifully crafted observational portrait that addresses, with love, empathy and humor, some of the issues we struggle with as a country today, such as PTSD, immigration and poverty. Never lecturing, the film instead reveals an intimate glimpse of a man's family and his compassionate [spirit.]”
2:00 PM (120 min)
Pursuing Happiness
Pursuing Happiness, featuring John Lawson, is a documentary that explores why people are happy and features a diverse group of people including those experiencing disability.
4:30 PM (120 min)
Coming of Age Shorts: Featuring Guest Room
These carefully selected short films present many ways of thinking about and looking at sexuality and disability. Films include: Guest Room; I Don’t Care; Take Me; The Gift. For adult audiences. Special Guest: Lauren Potter
7:15 PM (120 min)
Margarita with a Straw
A funky, stereotype-busting, coming-of-age tale based on the true story of a Punjabi teenage girl with cerebral palsy explores Manhattan and liberal sexuality.
11:00 AM (75 min)
Fuss-free Filmmaking
Bring your phone and get ready to make movies. We'll show you how to use apps to become a real filmmaker. This program is from Stages for Youth Filmmaking Camp. Workshop Room 1 is Duke Energy Center Room 212.
1:00 PM (75 min)
Improvisation is acting on the fly. Do you think you can do it? Find out in this fun improvisation workshop.This workshop is led by Tatiana Godfrey from School for Creative and Performing Arts. Workshop Room 1 is Duke Energy Center Room 212.
3:00 PM (60 min)
Laughter Yoga
It's more than just a laugh. Come get revitalized--learn how to use laughter as an exercise, de-stress and oxygenate your body and brain. Experience Laughter Yoga from certified instructors: Judi Winall and Pam Hall. Workshop Room 1 is Duke Energy Center Room 212.
4:30 PM (60 min)
Tone Chime Improvisation - Melodic Connections
Whether you are a master musician or you can’t carry a tune in a bucket, Melodic Connections invites you to join in the fun as they explore the beautiful sounds of tone chimes. This is a unique, collaborative music experience. Workshop Room 1 is Duke Energy Center Room 212.
10:30 AM (75 min)
Tips for Getting Started on Your Short Film
Christian Appleby & Jarrod Arencibia are local filmmakers who share a passion for movie making. Jarrod will talk about his filmmaking career and how he used the film medium to tell his own story. They'll give tips on starting your own filmmaking career. Workshop Room 2 is Duke Energy Center Room 207.
12:30 PM (60 min)
Mindful Yoga
This yoga class is for all--no experience necessary. Learn about the mind-body connection and how breath and postures work together to enhance physical and mental flexibility, stability and wellbeing. This workshop is led by Jen Wright. Workshop Room 2 is Duke Energy Center Room 207.
2:00 PM (75 min)
Acting for Stage and Film
Bruce Cromer, stage and film actor, and professor at Wright State University, offers insights and techniques for dramatic and comedy roles, along with practical methods to create a believable character. Workshop Room 2 is Duke Energy Center Room 207.
4:00 PM (60 min)
Teddy Kremer Book Signing
Join Teddy Kremer and Diane Lang, authors of Stealing First, the Teddy Kremer Story as they share their experiences in writing the best-selling book. People have called Stealing First a "fantastic story told by a man with downs syndrome about his life. It tells of some of his struggles, but mostly it is a positive story about all Teddy has accomplished. It tells of how important a loving and caring family is in helping a child become all he or she can be. I would highly recommend it."