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The value of a Pickford Film Center membership goes far beyond the ticket discounts, cheap popcorn and our monthly Pickford Film Calendar delivered to your door. PFC members play a vital part in keeping independent cinema alive in Bellingham. PFC is proud of its stong membership base. With over 6,000 individual members, PFC boasts more than any other arts and cultural organization in Whatcom County. Our members are the foundation of our success and we strive to serve them with engaging and informative films week in and week out. PFC is truly the community's living room and serves as an arts center that everyone can afford.

-Automatic Renewal: Click the "Check To Automatically Renew This Membership" option and your membership will automatically renew 7 days before your expiration date
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Producers Club - $1,250.00 (Pledgeable: $104.17 per month)

Producers Club Dual - $2,500.00 (Pledgeable: $208.34 per month)

Cinematographer - $500.00 (Pledgeable: $41.67 per month)

Cinematographer Dual - $750.00 (Pledgeable: $62.50 per month)

Writer - $150.00 (Pledgeable: $12.50 per month)

Writer Dual - $250.00 (Pledgeable: $20.84 per month)

Regular - $45.00

Regular Dual - $75.00

Senior - $35.00

Senior Dual - $60.00

Student/ Active Military - $25.00

Family - $100.00

Business Supporter - $300.00
* Levels that can be pledged are noted as 'Pledgeable'


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