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Part 1 - Is your film ready for the festival circuit?

The most important factor in your film's success at film festivals is the film itself. This class will focus on making sure your film will have a fighting chance on the festival circuit before you start submitting.

Topics covered include:

- How good is your film - really?
- How to get honest opinions
- Holding test screenings
- What festival programmers want
- Common mistakes filmmakers make

Part 2 - Creating a film festival strategy

Competition for the available slots at film festivals is fierce. Filmmakers waste more time, money, and energy than they need to festivals by submitting blindly to a wide range of events instead of carefully targeting the right fests. A little know-how and careful research can help you save money by submitting to fewer festivals while increasing your chances of acceptance at the same time.

Topics covered include:

- Defining yourself, defining your film
- Setting your festival goals
- Picking the right festivals for your film
- Saving money on submissions fees
- Submissions tactics - what works, what doesn't

Part 3 - Marketing your film at film festivals

You're all set for your festival world premiere – now you just have to get people to show up. Don't rely on the festival to bring the audience to you! Find out how to pack the house yourself and have a great opening night.

Topics covered include:

- What festivals will do for you - and what they won't
- Create a web site, mailing list, and electronic press kit
- Bring your own audience
- Engage the press (beyond just the local film critic)
- Tap special interest groups to fill seats


Upon registration, attendees will be encouraged to submit their films for consideration. One attendee per class will be selected to have their film used as a practical example for the topics in that session. Don't miss this chance to get a personalized jumpstart on your film's festival strategy!

Instructor:  Chris Holland has been writing about movies since 1991. In 1996 he co-founded Stomp Tokyo, a film review web site described by the New York Times as "a place to indulge one's questionable cinematic taste." In 2003 Stomp Tokyo published a compendium of reviews in a book called Reel Shame: Bad Movies and the Hollywood Stars Who Made Them.

Chris has utilized his expertise in movies and film festivals at B-Side Entertainment as the Director of Festival Operations, working with nearly 300 festivals.