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Friday, Mar 22, 2013 10:15 PM
The director of festival favorite Santa Mesa returns with this powerhouse thriller set in Manila’s urban underbelly. A dedicated chauffer finds himself over his head when kidnappers abduct both his daughter and the daughter of his boss, a corrupt and ruthless congressman.
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Set in the urban underbelly of Manila, Graceland is a provocative thriller from Ron Morales, writer/director of 2008’s award-winning Santa Mesa (Special Jury Award, SFIAAFF 2008). Where Santa Mesa was a warm and touching outsider’s view of the Philippines, Graceland gives us a cold taste of the Philippine streets from the point of view of a native, but with no less humanity, nor heart.

Dedicated chauffeur Marlon Villar has enough to worry about with a hospitalized wife and brooding daughter. He must also always turn a blind eye to the morally bankrupt behavior of his employer, the corrupt Congressman Manuel Changho. When kidnappers ambush both of their daughters, Marlon finds himself at the mercy of both the bloodthirsty kidnappers and Changho himself. What follows is a harrowing chronicle of the decisions Marlon must make to potentially rescue his daughter.

Graceland features back-to-back scenes of high tension and edge-of-your-seat suspense, thanks to Morales’ sharp and intelligent direction. With outstanding performances across the board, including Leon Miguel as the vicious kidnapper and Dido De La Paz as a hardened detective, Graceland is a powerhouse of a thriller that disturbs, entertains and provokes—and never lets you catch your breath.