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Gold Balls
Tuesday, Mar 21, 2017 6:30 PM
Kate Dandel's quirky and charming feature-length documentary debut inspires the average athlete in all of us while offering unique insight into the lives of several elite tennis athletes—who just happen to be over age 80. Over the course of one championship season, the film follows several players competing for the ‘gold ball’ trophy awarded to National Champions in tennis. Characters include a former Big 10-basketball coach, a retired litigator, an aging comedian, and the founder of "Black Tennis Magazine."

As we witness the routines of these creaky warriors, we are reminded that sometimes just getting to the courts is half the battle. But after the first serve, we forget that most of these competitors retired from their careers 30 years prior and we realize they're driven by the same motivations and concerns as athletes a quarter of their age.

Gold Balls inspires viewers of every age to reset what we think about ‘old age’ and whom we
consider champions.
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- Admission - $10.75
- Child - $8.00

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