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Q&A with filmmaker Ellen Silverman to follow.
Saturday, Apr 22, 2017 11:00 AM
CASCADIA International Women’s Film Festival
Sponsored in part by Marci Hanson Haskell
Documentary focusing on the life of the architect, Lutah Maria Riggs (1896-1984), a determined young woman who comes from a broken home in the Midwest, makes her way to California, wins a college scholarship intended for a boy, struggles to find work in the midst of a depression, rises to the top of a profession dominated by men, and designs many of the loveliest, most original buildings in one of the most picturesque and admired small cities in the U.S. “Lutah” is a Horatio Alger Story with a woman as its star.
My Roots Lie Here—Poetic documentary by Ellen Silverman—USA
Documentary short by New York filmmaker Ellen Silverman explores the relationship of four elderly Cubans to the homes they have lived in all of their lives. Filmed on location in Cuba, the camera acts as an interloper, carefully caressing the interiors of each house and its occupant.
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