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Nantucket Ballroom Presents: The Legend of King Solomon
Saturday, Aug 26, 2017 7:30 PM
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Premium Seating Admission - $65.00
Upper Level Seating Admission - $35.00

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A good name is rather to be chosen than riches”- once said the legendary King Salomon of Jerusalem.

And he engraved his name in history as the most powerful, wise and wealthy ruler.

But there are sins hidden behind the greatness of the Jewish king and secrets always come to surface.

The Oracle will reveal to you the story about the man behind the legend. About the rivalry with his brother Adonijah, the glorious copper mines, his impressive harem of hundreds of exotic wives and concubines and the one great love he had - the extraordinary Queen of Sheba.

“The Legend of King Solomon” is your time machine to a lost, but magical world of distant lands and mystery.

This summer one secret hidden for centuries will be revealed - the secret of the greatest Jewish King.