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THCFF 17: Kafou
Friday, Sep 29, 2017 11:00 PM
In this madcap dark comedy, two bungling criminals named Doc and Zoe are hired for the night to deliver an unknown package. At a crossroad, they stumble upon a dog. In Haiti, each crossroad requires a sacrifice.
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Port-au-Prince at night: Doc and Zoe have just been hired to deliver an unknown package. Their job comes with three essential rules: never stop the car, never roll down the windows, and never open the trunk. At a crossroads, they stumble upon a dog. What they decide to do will change their path irreversibly.


Preceded by: See You Yesterday
Two Brooklyn teenage prodigies, Sebastian Thomas and CJ Walker, try to outwit fate and role-play as God by building a time machine to save CJ’s brother, Calvin, from being wrongfully killed by the police.