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She Wolf
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Monday, Sep 25, 2017 7:00 PM
Bob Landis presents "She Wolf," his extraordinary portrait of the '06 Female, alpha female of one of Yellowstone's most famous wolfpacks.
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“She Wolf,” filmed by Emmy Award-winning cinematographer and Yellowstone resident Bob Landis, is an a graceful but violent portrait of one of Yellowstone's most famous wolves, the "'06 Female." 

As the alpha female of the Lamar Canyon pack, '06 raised three litters of pups with her mate 755M. She was an incredible hunter, able to take down an elk without assistance. After a Wyoming wolf hunter’s bullet ended her life in December 2012, her pack fragmented, illustrating the importance of each individual to a wolf pack’s social structure. Today, just one of her daughters remains in Yellowstone’s famed Lamar Valley, but '06’s legacy lives on.

Bob Landis has been filming in Yellowstone Park in all kinds of weather since wolves were restored to Yellowstone in 1995.  Millions have seen his films, which compellingly tell the stories of the wolves and their interactions with each other and other species in our first national park.