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In the Snow
BetweenTheLines Theatre
Saturday, Mar 17, 2018 7:30 PM
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Theater 3 Admission - $20.00
Theater 3 BTL Senior 65+ - $16.00
Theater 3 BTL Student - $14.00

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by Kate Morris 

A mysterious woman named Linda Gow is shot dead one winter night in a rural northern town. Her death, her life, and the safety of her young son become the responsibility of Detective Cora Lee as she interviews two social workers arrested at the scene of Linda‚Äôs murder. Both of them called the police, but one also fired the weapon. As Lee interrogates the lives of the three strangers, reality unravels: invoking a nightmarish wolf and the apparition of a young boy missing a hand. Struggling to maintain psychological (and theatrical) control, Lee attempts to resurrect the dead woman as all four adults grapple with trauma, poverty, and loneliness. 

"This play has been called Neo-Brechtian in its approach. It not only brings to light important social issues for our community, but it gives voice and credence to underrepresented stories. Highly theatrical, In The Snow puts the onus on the audience to draw their own conclusions. It's truly a new kind of play, and we are honored to be the first company to fully produce it. 

If BetweenTheLines is devoted to contemporary plays and storytelling, we must begin producing new plays. Plain and simple. In The Snow marks this first for BetweenTheLines." -- Mason Wagner, Director, BetweenTheLines