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Midway: Edge of Tomorrow
IWFF Presents
Monday, Dec 18, 2017 7:00 PM
A cinematic expedition that honors Midway Atoll's famous role in the Pacific Ocean theater of World War II and celebrates its evolution as one of the most precious islands on Earth, a flagship of oceanic conservation.
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Admission Youth - $5.00

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Midway: Edge of Tomorrow is a cinematic expedition that honors the island's famous role in the Pacific theater of World War II and extends into the untold story of how this touchstone of battle has evolved into one of the most precious atolls on earth as a wildlife refuge and marine national monument. Midway's historical significance now holds an even greater role as a flagship of oceanic conservation.

Screening includes the following shorts:

The Art of Flying
A short film about murmurations, the mysterious, breathtaking flights of the common starling.

A gorgeously shot introduction to the world of "seatrekking" by Berlin-based director and photographer Cedric Schanze.

Butte's Berkeley Pit
The Berkeley Pit, an abandoned pit mine flooded with highly toxic water in Butte, Montana, has transformed innocuous yeast and fungi growing in the waters into bizarre iterations of their previous forms that produce compounds that are useful in human medicine. This evolution brings about questions of life's ability to adapt to conditions that we have never encountered before.

Plastic Is Forever
Ocean plastic pollution is a huge problem. This film helps kids understand the problem and show how kids can help solve it. Plastic Is Forever won Best Environmental Film at the Ocean Film Festival in San Francisco.