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THFF’18: Douvan jou ka leve (The Sun Will Rise)
Friday, Sep 28, 2018 7:30 PM
Third Horizon Film Festival presents Douvan jou ka leve (The Sun Will Rise).
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Third Horizon Film Festival presents Douvan jou ka leve (The Sun Will Rise).


In this textured and surprising personal documentary, Haitian filmmaker and actress Gessica Généus undertakes a journey to understand what she calls Haiti’s “illness of the soul”—the country’s fraught religious divide between Vodou and Christianity. With her mother’s bipolarity as her poignant point of departure, Généus skilfully interweaves traditional interviews and ethnographic-style observation with poetic narration as she seeks to connect the dots of her family’s, and her island’s, fractured history. The result is a moving meditation on both mental illness and a nation’s as-yet unassuaged inner turmoil.  


Presented with the short film:

The Crying Conch
Directed by Vincent Toi
Canada / 20 minutes / 2017 / Haitian Creole with English Subtitles
Florida Premiere!
In this modern fable, a man is drawn into following in the footsteps of the historic Haitian slave leader Mackandal, who is trapped in a curse which started centuries ago.