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THFF’18: 1950: The Nationalist Uprising
Saturday, Sep 29, 2018 12:00 PM
Third Horizon Film Festival presents the Florida premiere of 1950: The Nationalist Uprising.
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Admission Adult - $12.00

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Third Horizon Film Festival presents the Florida premiere of 1950: The Nationalist Uprising.


Electrifying, revealing and timely, this documentary revisits a seminal event in Puerto Rico’s history: the ten days in October 1950 when one hundred people, members of the island’s Nationalist Party, took up arms to overthrow the rule of the United States and establish Puerto Rican sovereignty. The insurgents, outnumbered and ill-equipped, were crushed by the police and the National Guard, and either killed or imprisoned. Buttressed by archival film and photographs and animated reenactments, 1950: The Nationalist Uprising presents the testimonies of five Puerto Ricans who participated in this almost forgotten struggle. They speak about the consequences of the uprising on their lives, and the ideal of freedom that burns within them still.


Presented with the short film:

An Excavation of Us
Directed by Shirley Bruno
Haiti / 11 minutes / 2017 / English
Florida Premiere!
The shadows of Napoleon’s army fall upon their boat traveling through the mysterious cave named after Marie Jeanne, a female soldier who fought in the Haitian Revolution. It is this battle inside her cave that will become the most successful slave revolution in history.