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Dung Dynasty + Squeamish
Sunday, Apr 14, 2019 1:30 PM
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A mafia war is brewing on Africa’s savannah. Two dung beetle families go head-to-head in a fight for the savannah’s most valuable resource . . . poop. They need dung to eat, to find a lady, and to breed. In their struggle they must sidestep predators and fight off the competition. If they fail, their legacy dies with them.


Most scorpions are harmless to humans, but in the deserts of North America, one species called striped bark scorpions produce venom that is extremely painful and potentially lethal. Despite their potent venom, striped bark scorpions are still a favorite meal of the grasshopper mouse. After decades of work, biologists have discovered that this tiny rodent may be the key to explaining how and why striped bark scorpion venom is so toxic.

In the warm waters of the Philippines lives a poisonous, shapeshifting predator. ?FLAMBOYANT follows one young cuttlefish as she learns to hunt in a new home after a life-changing encounter with a scuba diver. ? Will she learn the right skills to compete with a new, established predator?

Film Info
Series:IWFF Shorts Block
Run Time:65 min
Sponsored By:Missoula Insectarium
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Director:Julie King, Nathan Dappen, Morgan Heim, Gail Kukula