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Change Makers
Sunday, Apr 14, 2019 7:45 PM
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Keeper of the Call
One of the British countryside's most iconic sounds is falling silent. But for one Welsh farmer, seeing the curlew disappear from his farm is not an option. Follow Wynford as he works alongside conservationists to save his precious family of curlews. But with the modern countryside so full of dangers, will Wynford see his chicks fly?

We Are in the Field
This documentary follows Nepalese animal rights activist Manoj Gautam on an epic quest to protect animals and wildlife from cruelty and extinction. As a child he was inspired by the work of Jane Goodall, and has since become her close friend and protégé. With minimal resources and no formal training, he’s creating a network of allies across the country, busting smugglers, protecting fragile ecosystems, and rescuing abused animals.

G?id?q (Geoduck)
GEODUCK is a portrait of Suquamish diver Lydia Sigo, who dives deep for the ancient clam called geoduck. More than harvesting food, or making an income, the practice is about sustaining her people and their cultural values.

Reteti Elephant Sanctuary
Reteti Elephant Sanctuary is the first ever community-owned and run elephant sanctuary in Africa, an oasis where orphans grow up safely, learning to be wild so that one day they can rejoin their herds. The sancutary's story is a powerful one, as much about people as it is the elephants they protect.

Grizzly Country
After serving in the Vietnam War, author and eco-warrior Doug Peacock spent years alone in the Wyoming and Montana wilderness observing grizzly bears. This time in the wild forever changed the course of his life. With the protection of Yellowstone grizzlies now under threat, Peacock reflects on the importance of habitat and why he continues to fight for wild causes.

04/14 screening includes a Q&A with the filmmakers!

Film Info
Series:IWFF Shorts Block
Run Time:75 min
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Billy Clapham, Gabriel Diamond, Tracy Rector, Ami Vitale, Ben Moon